Course Calendar

The four-week courses start on the first Monday of the month. A maximum of eight students will be admitted to each batch.

Courses  in 2017:

  • January  2nd to January 27th
  • January 30th to February 24th
  • March 6th to March 31st
  • April 3rd to April 28th
  • May 1st to May 26th
  • June 5th to June 30th
  • August 7th to September 1st
  • September 4th to September 29th
  • October 2nd to October 27th
  • November 6th to December 1st
  • December 4th to December 29th

We avoid courses in July as it is peak monsoon and work is slow.

If you would like to come outside of these time slots, please let us know and we can try to fit you in.