Course Calendar

The four-week courses start on the first Monday of the month. A maximum of eight students will be admitted to each batch.

We avoid courses in July as it is peak monsoon and work is slow.

Courses in  2018 - 

  • Jan 1st-26th
  • Feb 5th-2nd  March
  • March5th-30th
  • April 2nd-27th
  • April 30th-may 25th
  • May 10th-May 25th-Not available (Only on request)
  • May 28th-June 23rd – Heavy rain expected
  • July 2nd-July 28th
  • Aug6-31st
  • Sep3rd-28th
  • Oct1-26th
  • Oct 29-nov 23rd
  • Nov 26 – 21 dec or Dec 10-4th jan


If you would like to come outside of these time slots, please let us know and we can try to fit you in.